What You Need to Know About ESA’s Insurance Program, Security America RPG (SARPG)

What You Need to Know About ESA’s Insurance Program, Security America RPG (SARPG)

8 Common Questions

THE RIGHT INSURANCE package is essential to the longterm success of your company — so it’s important to tap the expertise of your industry. ESA knows your business and has tailored insurance policies that serve electronic security and life safety companies. Enter SARRG.

In an ever-evolving marketplace, SARRG policies are continually re-evaluated by industry and insurance professionals to address your exposures. As I travel throughout the country, meeting with electronic security professionals and speaking with them about the program, there are some common questions I hear:

Why did ESA go into the insurance business with SARRG? The association is continually looking to deliver programs and products that will help its members run and grow their businesses. Consequently, SARRG was created to alleviate the strain on your cash flow, while providing you with unparalleled coverage.

What types of insurance does SARRG provide? SARRG provides general liability, professional liability and now cyber insurance. We also have the ability to offer worker’s compensation, bonds, commercial auto and property coverage.

This is always evolving to provide you with coverage, where it matters most. In fact, the program’s most recent evolution has been a focus on cyber liability coverage. When you get a SARRG policy, $50,000 of cyber insurance is now included in your terms. This added protection is crucial when you consider what a lost company phone or laptop could mean in terms of a data breach. Let’s face it, it’s not a matter of if, but when, you will experience a cyber breach. Now SARRG has you covered.

I have an insurance agent, what about them? Business is all about forming relationships and there may be a certain comfort level with your current insurance agent. Just have him/her give us a call at (866) 315-3838 or visit us at SecurityAmericaRRG.com. We can work with your agent to provide you the best possible coverage at competitive rates.

Can the SARRG program help us identify and manage risk? Absolutely! While we have an expertise in what industry professionals need for coverage, each company is unique. We are able to sit down with you and work through your exposures. In addition, we can assist in contract review.

Just when I thought I understood someone said, “Well what about SARPG?” Really? SARRG (Security America Risk Retention Group) provides general, professional and cyber insurance for the security industry. SARRG has an AM rating of B+.

SARPG (Security America Risk Purchasing Group) provides general and professional insurance for the security industry. Backed by the surplus lines insurer, Lloyds of London, SARPG is afforded their AM best rating of A.

And the difference is? The difference is in the rating. SARRG, the B+ rated is adequate for most instances. However, companies working with government entities or larger contracts may require an insurance with an AM rating of “A”, as is afforded to SARPG by their relationship with Lloyds.

How about ease of quotes with SARRG? Quotes are a breeze and can be requested online. For many I speak with, SARRG has saved them $1000’s of dollars — some even $10,000 plus. Quotes are usually returned in 24-48 hours.

What about certificates of insurance? Certificates have been something many members have needed on the fly. To enhance the customer experience, you can now pull certificates through our auto-generated system online. Some certificates will still require our review, but this option allows you to obtain most certificates immediately. Certificates requiring review can be expected in 24-48 hours.

Want to know more? Contact Security America RRG, at 866- 315-3838 or via email at USRisk@SecurityAmericaRRG.com.