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Even businesses working in the same industry, don’t have the same needs. That’s why we’re proud to offer a wide variety of thoughtful policies, here to cover your business from clock in to clock out — whatever that means for you.


Nearly 900 electronic security and low voltage clients served

15+ years of direct industry experience

Comprehensive quality coverage

Minimal client costs


You're in good company.

When special conditions or requirements are needed, they understand the question and are quick to provide guidance regarding what's needed to comply.
Howard Sanders

Operations Manager, Radius Security US

You're in good company.

My coverage with Security America exceeds what we had previously — and at better rates. Their expertise means I get more than a cookie-cutter policy. I get guidance on risks that are common to businesses like mine.
Jamie Vos

Owner, Security Solutions

You're in good company.

We’ve gotten tremendous value out of having an insurance company that understands our industry and our business. We’re very happy with the level of service and the price of our policies.
Sue Kelley

Chief Financial Officer, Doyle Security