Cyber Security

Take real measures against virtual threats

In today’s world, a lot of your business lives online. And while the Internet offers unbeatable convenience and seamless connection, it also exposes your operations to a whole new world of risk.

Cyber security insurance protects your business against the repercussions of cyberattacks, acting as your backup in case of a breach and keeping you, your employees, and your customers one step ahead of potential hackers.

A modern business model demands modern coverage options

Cyberattacks can mean a major disruption in day-to-day business, costing you precious time, customers, and dollars. The right cyber security insurance coverage prepares your business for the worst and sets your business up for the best possible outcome in case of a breach.

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Policy FAQs


What is Cyber Coverage?


Cyber coverage provides protection to companies for both first-party exposures as well as liability exposures that arise from cyber attacks. All business regardless of their size or the industry they operate in rely on complex technology. That technology is vulnerable to a wide range of attacks


I’m too small – I don’t need coverage, do I?


If your Facebook page can get hacked, your business can get hacked. Every day hackers are discovering new ways to attack systems. Even the technology itself can now change its own code to evade detection. No one is immune. Premium for cyber coverage is less than $400 per year – what’s your business worth?


Do I still need coverage if I don’t keep customer data?


Cyber coverage has expanded so much over the past 5 to 10 years that we have gone beyond data breaches. Cyber coverage addresses some of the most prevalent issues facing businesses of all sizes today including, but not limited to ransomware, cryptojacking, malware attacks and more.

You're in good company.

When special conditions or requirements are needed, they understand the question and are quick to provide guidance regarding what's needed to comply.
Howard Sanders

Operations Manager, Radius Security US

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My coverage with Security America exceeds what we had previously — and at better rates. Their expertise means I get more than a cookie-cutter policy. I get guidance on risks that are common to businesses like mine.
Jamie Vos

Owner, Security Solutions

You're in good company.

We’ve gotten tremendous value out of having an insurance company that understands our industry and our business. We’re very happy with the level of service and the price of our policies.
Sue Kelley

Chief Financial Officer, Doyle Security