Cyber-Crime Growth…Are You Covered?

Cyber-Crime Growth…Are You Covered?

Think you’re safe? Sadly, the odds are stacked against you. According to Cyber Facts only 44% of internet traffic is actual humans, the other 56% is bots, impersonators, hacking tools, scrapers and scammers. The results? 37,000 websites are hacked every day. In fact, costs related to cyber crime are expected to rise to $2 trillion a year by 2019, according to Forbes magazine.

Think you have this covered?
There’s a misconception that cyber crime is covered under standard business liability insurance, but that’s not the case. In fact, not even extended coverages such as business interruption protect you against the damages resulting from cyber crime. 

Recently, Security America Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) incorporated coverage to address this growing issue. The result is cyber insurance that keeps you protected and provides valuable risk management to help minimize data breaches and incident management when they do occur.

Protection starts with risk management.
Behind Security America RPG’s extraordinary cyber insurance is industry pioneer, Beazley. Beazley has helped clients handle over 5,000 data breaches since the launch of its flagship product in 2009. Handling that volume of breaches, you learn a few things about identifying and reducing risk. The value of the product Security America RPG offers is much more than just insurance, it’s risk assessment, tips and education from industry leaders.

So where are some of your vulnerable areas when it comes to cyber security? You may be surprised. Here are just a few areas to consider when it comes to cyber security:

Passwords: Are you and your staff following best practices?

Employee-related risk, such as:

  • Click related risk – Can your employees identify a click related risk? Do they know what to do if they receive a questionable action item?
  • Phishing Scams – Employees should know how to identify these types of scams.
  • Hardware Loss – Do you have a procedure for reporting that loss? Better yet, do you have a policy regarding what information can be stored on them?

Disposal and destruction of personal info: What is your policy and will it protect you in the event of a data breach? Are you in legal compliance?

Another critical area, cyber-crime response.
When data breaches happen, the response is critical to the very survival of your company. You’ll need:

  • professionals, like forensics experts and lawyers
  • services to set up notification of affected individuals and responses, such as credit or identity monitoring
  • public relations experts to protect your image as a company. You can’t afford to lose public trust. Do the right thing after a breach and work to strengthen security.

The Security America RRG program provides a wide range of services to help mitigate the damages that result from a data breach. The dedicated response team is made up of highlyskilled professionals who will assist you every step of the way.

Reality check.
Cyber crime is growing and cyber insurance is a must to protect your company. Reality is, it’s not if you will be hacked, but when. Interested in finding out more about cyber security and cyber insurance? Contact Security America RPG, at 866-315-3838 or via email at